“Through the years, we’ve held highly visible positions (and still do) on Boards and Committees. We’ve won prestigious awards and have been featured in numerous home shows. But our proudest moments have come when we’ve received letters of thanks from the hundreds of families we’ve built homes for across the greater Cincinnati area and northern Kentucky since 1958.”

Alan G. Schmidt, Jr.

We want to commend you and thank you for the outstanding help your staff has provided since we moved in. We bought our home in April of 2023 and just completed our 11-month inspection and review. The home has been great and the support we have received from your staff has been excellent. In particular we would like to mention and thank Joe Morgan for his professionalism, skill, initiative, and attitude. He is a delight to work with and a tremendously talented and dedicated worker. The combination of joy and pride that he takes in his work is a tribute to your organization. We thank you and your company for making this such a great experience.
Eric & Cindy K.
My wife Sharon and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Joe Morgan for 'service above and beyond'. He handled our 90 day and one year warranty work with diligence and excellence! In addition to being, literally, a jack of all trades, he was very personal and professional. We just felt like he's the guy we'd want to have work on anything. Dependable and always willing to discuss planned procedures and schedules - so easy to work with. Joe knew I have an engineering background so he explained not only the 'hows' but also the 'whys', and stayed a step ahead of me. Probably the most impressive was the installation of a new front door (the original warped and wouldn't seal correctly}. I was concerned because the original paint was very smooth and flaw free. I doubted anyone could match the quality of finish with a paint brush and roller. Joe somehow improved the finish - it looks perfect now! We were fortunate to have worked with the best in the business with Tim at the helm in the office and Dave managing the field - Joe now belongs in that group as well. What a team to be proud of!
Dale & Sharon B.

We just wanted to thank you for all you did to get us through the building process. We appreciated knowing you were just a call or text away and always willing to meet us to resolve any of our concerns. Knowing how many contractors and housing projects you oversee, we were amazed at your ability to keep everything moving forward so we could enjoy our lovely home!

Dale & Sharon
I have been meaning to get back to you. Thank you for sending Joe Morgan out to investigate and hopefully finally resolve this water leak issue. I was very impressed with his knowledge and thoroughness as well as his excellent communication. So far everything is okay with the leak fix. Thanks again for your help with this issue.
A year passes very quickly. Shirley and I are enjoying our home. We wanted to drop you a few lines to tell you, which we are sure is no surprise, what an outstanding job Joe Morgan does. Joe is very organized and respects your time by making appointments well in advance. He is very professional and proficient in his work and the end results. Joe gives advice and makes suggestions on how to maintain your home to prevent future issues. Joe is personable, very efficient and is an asset to your team. It was a pleasure working with him.
Ken & Shirley
The entire process with Schmidt Builders was a positive experience. Our questions and concerns were always handled in a timely and professional manner. The Schmidt team is a tribute to the home building industry. Everyone from start to finish was cooperative and helpful in every regard. Alan Schmidt Jr. was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. He obviously knows the importance of surrounding himself with competent individuals. I can't say enough good things about the Construction Supervisor Dave Schmidt. He patiently answered all questions and concerns in addition to very punctual responses to all communications. Tim Mann was a pleasure to deal with. He was most helpful in the initial design and the many changes we made along the way. Erica Winchester was also a tremendous help in the details regarding brick, flooring, and the many other items involved in final look of the home. I would highly recommend Schmidt Builders to anyone considering building a new home.
Ralph & Patricia T.
Schmidt Builders were very easy to work with throughout the building process! When we initially met our construction manager, Tim Mann, he did not waste time getting to know what we wanted for our own home. From there he stayed in touch with us knowing that we were still deciding where we wanted to build. Having that touch point with Tim made us come back to Schmidt quickly when we finally settled on a location. Schmidt Builders did not shy away from any customization requests that we had. For example, when we told them we did not want a fireplace but did want built-in bookshelves that typically flank the fireplace, the team created a custom entertainment center built-in for us that we fell in love with. Unlike most builders, Schmidt has a strong focus on quality. Our construction supervisor, Jim Kraml, went above and beyond. When he noticed there was something a contractor could have done better, he went out of his way to point it out to the contractor and have it improved. This includes items that we didn’t notice when we walked through the house. While working with the team at Schmidt Builders, it was clear that throughout the entire building process they always had our best interests in mind. Overall we had an amazing experience with Schmidt Builders and would highly recommend getting a Schmidt home!
Parth P., Liberty Township
From our very first meeting with Alan Jr. and Tim Mann to the final walk through with Jim Kraml, we were treated with kindness and respect. We found the process to be pleasurable and stress-free unlike our prior experience with other home builders. There was no pressure, and all questions were answered regardless of how small and insignificant they may have seemed. Tim was so patient with us. Bringing the unique situation of three people building a house together with three different opinions, our input made it challenging. But he did it with a smile and with kindness. I cannot say enough positive things about him! We just love our Schmidt home! We are very proud of it and will definitely send our friends to Schmidt when they are in the market for a new home!
Rene and Melanie H. and Bruce D., Liberty Township, Ohio
We had a wonderful experience buying our house from Schmidt Builders. We were included in the process of building our home from day one. Schmidt assisted us in adding in our own design features to several rooms, including expanding our garages to accommodate our camper and boat! We highly recommend Schmidt Builders to build your dream home. They certainly built ours!
Jim & Terri S.
Building our first home with Schmidt Builders was an awesome experience! Choosing to go with this family business rather than a national builder was the best decision my wife and I could have made. We were moving from Texas to Ohio and had to make decisions remotely. Being new to the build process was a bit scary, but Alan Schmidt, Jr. and his team put our minds at ease with professionalism from start to finish. With the details being managed by Tim Mann in the office and then handed over to Dave Schmidt in the field, they worked as a team to make sure all of their sub-contractors were putting the focus on the quality results they expected. Previously in the design field with a focus on real estate, I had a vision of the level of quality I expected at the finish. Schmidt Builders was able to deliver a beautiful home, while answering many questions throughout the build process. Not only did they deliver an on-time build during a national emergency/pandemic, but they were a week early for our move-in/closing date! We could not be happier with our forever home and would recommend Schmidt Builders to anyone wanting a good quality home built for their family to enjoy  
Tony and Angela J.
We used Schmidt in 2017 and were very impressed with them; top-notch. this was our third time building a home - Schmidt is head and shoulders above any other builder we are familiar with. They were responsive to our questions and needs, provided lots of useful suggestions along the way, their field supervisor for our house was excellent, quality control was great, and they have never missed a closing date (this is really rare if you aren’t familiar with that key aspect when you are trying to schedule your move-in date and financial closing). Their schedule management throughout is superior. I worked in engineering where project schedules were always critical and Schmidt’s techniques were top-notch. You can select many of the items needed for your home in their offices. Their suppliers for lights, fans, tile, and sinks were quite good as well. Their office is on Route 42 north of I-275. Owner, president is Alan Schmidt, second or third generation. 779-9300. Their in-office designer/client contact is Tim Mann who is really good as well. P.S. Here are examples of their quality control and schedule. Their field guy Dave Schmidt was at our house almost every day during construction. If he found a wall stud or plywood sheet goods that didn’t meet his inspection, he would spray it bright orange. One day my wife and I were touring the house about 8 pm and Dave happened by. I asked him what the orange paint signified and he explained the subs had to come back and tear out the rejects and replace them. My wife asked does that make the subs mad. Dave’s response was “I don’t care. Do the job right and you won’t have to do it over again.” The landing in the stairway going into our basement was off by about 1.5” as I recall, but still functional. Dave sprayed it orange. I asked was that necessary since it didn’t really affect the use of the stairs. Dave said yes it is necessary because he didn’t like the appearance of the landing, it would make the stairway not seem balanced once the walls were installed. The first stone mason on our job did great work, but he was slow as molasses and wouldn’t show up until late morning. Dave complained to his boss, but things did not improve, so Dave fired the stone mason and told the supplier to get a new one out ASAP that was just as good but could get back on schedule. A week or so later all of the stone work was completed and we were back on schedule.
Peter, Southern Ohio
We had been throwing around the idea of moving for a little while, but with three young children were too hesitant to take the plunge and just go for it for fear of the stress. We hadn’t even gotten our house ready to put on the market when we decided to walk through some model homes. Honestly, all it took was one foot in the door of the Dryden model and we were ready to build! We built on our own land and had a lot of kinks to work out in order to build exactly where we wanted to. But everyone was so patient and on top of everything during the entire process, it worked out perfectly. Alan, Tim, and Jim made many suggestions throughout our selection process. They helped us make changes to the plans so our home was more suitable and custom according to our family’s needs. They really kept our stress to a minimum and made it a very enjoyable experience. We also really appreciated how easy it was to contact anyone when we had questions or concerns...even since we’ve moved in. We love our new home and cannot recommend Schmidt Builders enough!
Alex and Megan
Dear Alan It was an absolute pleasure to build another home with Schmidt.  We knew from our previous experience that we were in great hands.  From beginning to end, the process was so easy.  After meeting with you and Tim for just a few minutes, Tom and I had the feeling that you knew exactly what we wanted and worked hard to customize features that were important to us while staying within our budget.  From the minute we walked in the door at Schmidt Builders every person we interacted with was very helpful, positive, and professional. On the building site, we were constantly amazed at the flawless scheduling that took place, even though the weather was not always cooperative.  Dave even made every effort to keep our future neighbors happy.  On occasion, we would see him sweeping dirt clods out of the road to allow the neighbors easy access to their property.  You and Dave were on site frequently to make sure every detail was taken care of on schedule.  All of the subcontractors spoke very highly of Schmidt Builders.  It is a testament to the integrity and professionalism of your organization. We love our new home and are so appreciative of the time you and Tim spent with us to customize a beautiful home we will enjoy for years to come. Tom and I never want to build with anyone but Schmidt Builders!  Great experience with great people that treat you like family!  
Tom and Diane
Hello Tim & Alan, Move in day started this past Friday and we couldn't be happier!  We LOVE our new home and we're especially thankful for how easy you all were to work with.  I wanted you both to know I referred Jeff and his wife to Schmidt Builders as a possible building customer.  I work with Jeff.  He has watched the building progress of our house along the way and of course I have talked up all the great qualities we have found in Schmidt Builders.
Janice F.
Schmidt Builders built our dream home. We had met Alan Schmidt, Jr. over eight years ago while looking at some of their houses that were being built. He happened to be on-site looking over the building progress. We weren’t aware at the time that he was actually in charge of Schmidt Builders, as he took the time to walk us through the house (this was not an open house) and show us some of the features and designs. We really liked the quality and design. When we did finally secure a piece of property for our dream home, we immediately contacted Schmidt Builders to build that same house. Jim Pitzer became our sales agent, and, wow, he is the follow-up king. He is very organized and thorough. We had Big Jim, as we call him, as our on-site supervisor, and what a great guy he is. He paid attention to every detail. Big Jim doesn’t get excited because he knows what he is doing. Not only was the team at Schmidt Builders building our dream home, they were giving us suggestions. It became an entire team effort from the receptionist giving her opinion on colors and selections, to Tim Mann, Construction Manager, helping with design changes and layout. Jim Pitzer followed through on all the inquiries we had, Big Jim oversaw the entire building process, and even Alan laid brick choices on the floor of the office to help us decide. Nobody pushed us to just get an answer; they helped us decide. We didn’t feel like we were just buying a house from them, as they stayed involved from start to finish. They made our dream come true.  
Ray and Rosa, Oxford, OH
Working with Schmidt Builders has been absolutely exceptional. From the beginning, everyone’s effort has been over-the-top, ensuring all of our needs were met. Having the involvement of Alan, Jr. himself, Kathy, and Jim for the duration of the project has been incredible. Since closing, everyone has continued to check in and meet any request, big or small. I have heard so many nightmare home building stories; our experience was nothing but amazing, and continues to blow me away. Thank you so much to everyone at Schmidt Builders.
Rob and Cortney, Liberty Township, Ohio
Just wanted to share with you how much we love our Schmidt Built home! Just had a house warming party and everyone complimented our home tremendously! That you so much for building our dream home, we love it!
We were looking for a new home, and had not really considered a new build. However, we fell in love with the unique look of a Schmidt market home, and were impressed by the quality and style of the interior as well as the beautiful lot. From the time we made an offer, we were treated like family -- even getting a signed letter of thanks and congratulations within days of our offer being accepted. All of our questions were promptly answered, and we were given a thorough and informative new home orientation. We are so happy with the beautiful finishes and high quality workmanship. We are grateful to get all of this from a local, family-owned company. We would definitely recommend Schmidt to family and friends!
Mike and Jennifer, Amelia, OH
My wife and I relocated from Wisconsin, and only had a short period to house-hunt in person. In that time, we fell in love with a Schmidt Builders home that was still being built. It was a scary process buying a home that was not complete, but when we finally saw it complete in person we fell in love with it all over. Everything turned out great, and made for a very easy transition to a new state!
Jake and Blair, Monroe, OH
Schmidt Builders was friendly and easy to work with. They have put our minds at ease knowing the high quality and care they put into their work. They have exceeded our expectations throughout the home-buying process.
Jay, Fairfield Township, OH
Schmidt Builders was a pleasure to work with all through the building process. I was able to choose everything, and Kathy Kramer was such a help to me. This was all during a difficult time in my life, and she was so helpful and accommodating. The people at Schmidt Builders were very dependable in terms of timing on all of the work through the building process. There were no delays, and closing was on time. Since I have moved into my new home, their response has been almost immediate no matter what I call them about. Dave Schmidt has been so helpful to me, and I will always be grateful to him. I can't say enough good things about Schmidt Builders. They build a quality home, and I would recommend them highly!  
Patricia, Milford, Ohio
In our extensive house search to relocate from Houston, Texas to Ohio, we stumbled upon Carriage Hill in Liberty Township. We fell in love with the neighborhood, but did not have the time to build a new home. Fortunately, we found a market home available from Schmidt Builders. After meeting with Alan, Jr., we felt completely confident in the ability of Schmidt Builders to make the changes in the home that would make it ours, while still meeting our short timeframe. Schmidt was very easy to work with, and we appreciated Alan's honesty. He was the reason we chose Schmidt for our new home. It turned out beautifully, and we even inspired Alan to include one of our additions to his own home. We would not hesitate to work with Schmidt again if the need arose for us to move.  
Bill and Jo-Anne, Liberty Township, Ohio
We purchased a spec home from Schmidt Builders in April of 2016. The customer service has been outstanding. Their response time for addressing any issue is great. Alan Schmidt, Jr. and his staff did a thorough job with our walk-through. They explained relevant issues in detail, and made sure my wife and I were comfortable with the process. We would highly recommend Schmidt Builders to anyone.  
Richard and Jaleria, Liberty Township, Ohio
Having taken possession of our house in June, we are finally settled in and are enjoying a good, quality home. Throughout the building process, we experienced a company that did a great job listening to our desires. Schmidt Builders ultimately created a floor plan that worked for us, and we never felt they cut corners. Dave was great to work with throughout the project, and the team performed efficiently to get the house done. It was clear the people at Schmidt took a lot of pride in their work. We would highly recommend Schmidt Builders, and would definitely build with them again.  
Scott and Kimberly, Lebanon, Ohio
We weren't really looking to buy or build a house when we "started looking". But we started to become pretty serious about putting our house on the market in October, and began really doing our homework! We knew what we wanted…we just didn't know if that would come in an existing home, or if we would need to build. We had a hard time combining our wants and needs into a home with a perfect lot/location. We priced out homes with three other builders in Liberty Township. The combination of perfect house and perfect lot was not available, so we started looking at new construction. We found a Schmidt home that we loved in Carriage Hill, however, the lot wasn't right for us. This prompted us to ask the realtor if we could build the same house on our own lot if we found one. She arranged for us to speak with the folks at Schmidt Builders. Several of our good friends have Schmidt homes, and had nothing but positive comments to say. The realtor got back with us, and within a week we were in the Schmidt Design Center with Kathy Kramer and Alan Schmidt, Jr. They discussed with us the entire building process and went over numbers. Needless to say, we were ready to sign on the dotted line! We were far more involved with building our house than we expected! It was wonderful to have Kathy with us throughout the entire process. I know she is a busy woman, but she never made us feel like we weren't her only client. She will never admit it, but I know that I drove her crazy with my changes. The entire Schmidt Family made our building process a piece of cake! They wanted our house to look as perfect as we wanted our house to look. We couldn't be happier. We even purchased a couple of items on our own, and they installed them for us (e.g., farmhouse sink and chandelier for princess room). We also extended a few areas, and added a doggie shower without any issues. We knew going in to this that we were very picky, and had high standards. Schmidt Builders exceeded our expectations for a builder. We loved the personal attention that we received! We would build again with Schmidt Builders tomorrow if we hadn’t already built our perfect home.  
Dionni and David, Liberty Township, Ohio
My wife and I had been discussing the possibility of relocating to a house from a condominium. Our plan was to do so “at some point in the future”. That was before I saw our Schmidt Builders home on the internet. I immediately was drawn to the unique interior floor plan. It was definitely not a cookie-cutter design. We both initially liked the look of the house, but since moving in have learned to appreciate the quality of the construction. One immediate thing we have both noticed is the stability of the environmental controls. The HVAC system is rock steady, and maintains temperature throughout the house smoothly and consistently. We have also noticed no construction-related issues. We are approaching our six month quality assurance review, and have both agreed that it’s going to be a very short meeting. The service provided by Schmidt Builders is also worth noting. They were extremely accommodating when it came to making our home move-in ready. From installing handrails on garage steps to ordering additional shelving for kitchen cabinets, their efforts to provide service throughout the buying process was exemplary. We are very pleased with our new home, and look forward to many happy years here.  
Duane & Claudia, Liberty Township, Ohio
Our experience with Schmidt Builders was truly pleasurable. We found the process to be very orderly and professional from beginning to end. When a need arose, we always knew who to deal with, and how to contact them. The entire house was completed while we were in Florida. Our home shows excellent workmanship with attention to detail, and was turned over to us in immaculate condition. Most important of all, we had minimal callbacks. Issues that did require attention were dealt with immediately.  
Sandy and Nancy, Fairfield Township, Ohio
We bought one of Schmidt Builder’s market homes. We were blown away with the craftsmanship and layout of the home. From the very first transaction with the realtor, it was a very smooth process. When we did need help fixing something, the builder’s crew was there within a few days. We realized after visiting a friend’s new home that we lucked out with Schmidt. Our house doesn’t have a “to do” list. We love the little details and how well made our home is. We have lived in the home for three months, and are still very happy with our decision.  
Christopher and Lauren, Liberty Township, Ohio

We were relocating from the DC area, and wanted to live in the Carriage Hill I wasn’t looking for a new home, but I saw a Schmidt house and fell in love with it. Though I did not work with Schmidt throughout the building process since the home was completed when I purchased it, I wasn’t treated any differently. Dave Schmidt went above and beyond to make sure I felt valued and appreciated as a buyer. He has responded promptly to my questions and concerns. I have heard all the horror stories of working with builders, but I am happy and relieved to have a home with a company I can trust.  

Erin, Maineville, Ohio
Although we've built several homes across the country, Schmidt is the first builder we felt was actually looking out for our interests and wanting to do the right thing. For example, they swapped out existing light fixtures and door hardware to a different finish at no cost. Even though the home was already under construction, they allowed us to make changes throughout the process. They even pushed up the completion date for us, to better accommodate our existing home sale and move schedule. It also helps that they have one of the best realtors in town. Kathy Kramer was incredible, and was able to move as fast as anyone in the business. We went to contract within two days of seeing the home for the first time, including pricing of a full basement build-out and several modifications. We would recommend Schmidt to anyone!"  
Brian and Kelly

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