We used Schmidt in 2017 and were very impressed with them; top-notch. this was our third time building a home – Schmidt is head and shoulders above any other builder we are familiar with. They were responsive to our questions and needs, provided lots of useful suggestions along the way, their field supervisor for our house was excellent, quality control was great, and they have never missed a closing date (this is really rare if you aren’t familiar with that key aspect when you are trying to schedule your move-in date and financial closing). Their schedule management throughout is superior. I worked in engineering where project schedules were always critical and Schmidt’s techniques were top-notch. You can select many of the items needed for your home in their offices. Their suppliers for lights, fans, tile, and sinks were quite good as well.

Their office is on Route 42 north of I-275. Owner, president is Alan Schmidt, second or third generation. 779-9300. Their in-office designer/client contact is Tim Mann who is really good as well.

P.S. Here are examples of their quality control and schedule.
Their field guy Dave Schmidt was at our house almost every day during construction. If he found a wall stud or plywood sheet goods that didn’t meet his inspection, he would spray it bright orange. One day my wife and I were touring the house about 8 pm and Dave happened by. I asked him what the orange paint signified and he explained the subs had to come back and tear out the rejects and replace them. My wife asked does that make the subs mad. Dave’s response was “I don’t care. Do the job right and you won’t have to do it over again.”

The landing in the stairway going into our basement was off by about 1.5” as I recall, but still functional. Dave sprayed it orange. I asked was that necessary since it didn’t really affect the use of the stairs. Dave said yes it is necessary because he didn’t like the appearance of the landing, it would make the stairway not seem balanced once the walls were installed.

The first stone mason on our job did great work, but he was slow as molasses and wouldn’t show up until late morning. Dave complained to his boss, but things did not improve, so Dave fired the stone mason and told the supplier to get a new one out ASAP that was just as good but could get back on schedule. A week or so later all of the stone work was completed and we were back on schedule.