“Laura and I were originally working with another prominent builder in the area. But when it seemed they would not be able to deliver on their promises within the cost budgeted, we started looking again, and discovered Schmidt. The ability to customize was a deal breaker for us. We were able to take a base plan (“The Lakeland”) and configure and customize the floor plan to fit exactly what we wanted. Overall, Alan and his team were very helpful. It was our first time building a house, and we had some ideas about things we thought would be neat. The team helped us visualize and make informed decisions. Looking back on these conversations, I am glad we listened to the Schmidt team. I travel quite a bit for work, and wasn’t always able to be there to check on the house. But Alan was there, and he frequently walked through to ensure things were being done per our specs. In fact, Alan was the first to notice that the fireplace was different then we specked out. As we discussed the mistake (and had a chance to see it), Laura and I actually decided to keep the fireplace the way it was, as we felt that it was much more functional. Then, after we moved in, we had a few things that needed to be fixed. While some builders get to you when they can, Schmidt has always answered on the first call and taken care of the problem the same day. Many of our neighbors have told us their nightmare stories with other builders. My simple response is always that we are 110 percent satisfied and the process with Schmidt was enjoyable.”