My wife and I had been discussing the possibility of relocating to a house from a condominium. Our plan was to do so “at some point in the future”. That was before I saw our Schmidt Builders home on the internet. I immediately was drawn to the unique interior floor plan. It was definitely not a cookie-cutter design.

We both initially liked the look of the house, but since moving in have learned to appreciate the quality of the construction. One immediate thing we have both noticed is the stability of the environmental controls. The HVAC system is rock steady, and maintains temperature throughout the house smoothly and consistently. We have also noticed no construction-related issues. We are approaching our six month quality assurance review, and have both agreed that it’s going to be a very short meeting.

The service provided by Schmidt Builders is also worth noting. They were extremely accommodating when it came to making our home move-in ready. From installing handrails on garage steps to ordering additional shelving for kitchen cabinets, their efforts to provide service throughout the buying process was exemplary. We are very pleased with our new home, and look forward to many happy years here.