We weren’t really looking to buy or build a house when we “started looking”. But we started to become pretty serious about putting our house on the market in October, and began really doing our homework! We knew what we wanted…we just didn’t know if that would come in an existing home, or if we would need to build. We had a hard time combining our wants and needs into a home with a perfect lot/location.

We priced out homes with three other builders in Liberty Township. The combination of perfect house and perfect lot was not available, so we started looking at new construction. We found a Schmidt home that we loved in Carriage Hill, however, the lot wasn’t right for us. This prompted us to ask the realtor if we could build the same house on our own lot if we found one. She arranged for us to speak with the folks at Schmidt Builders.

Several of our good friends have Schmidt homes, and had nothing but positive comments to say. The realtor got back with us, and within a week we were in the Schmidt Design Center with Kathy Kramer and Alan Schmidt, Jr. They discussed with us the entire building process and went over numbers. Needless to say, we were ready to sign on the dotted line!

We were far more involved with building our house than we expected! It was wonderful to have Kathy with us throughout the entire process. I know she is a busy woman, but she never made us feel like we weren’t her only client. She will never admit it, but I know that I drove her crazy with my changes.

The entire Schmidt Family made our building process a piece of cake! They wanted our house to look as perfect as we wanted our house to look. We couldn’t be happier. We even purchased a couple of items on our own, and they installed them for us (e.g., farmhouse sink and chandelier for princess room). We also extended a few areas, and added a doggie shower without any issues.

We knew going in to this that we were very picky, and had high standards. Schmidt Builders exceeded our expectations for a builder. We loved the personal attention that we received! We would build again with Schmidt Builders tomorrow if we hadn’t already built our perfect home.